Golden Perch Fingerlings

Product approximately available on: February 7, 2019.

Size: 4.5cm

Single – $10.00
Under 10 – $5.00
10 and over – $3.50
20 and over – $2.00
50 and over – $1.50
100 and over – $1.40



Traditionally Yellowbelly used to be supplied to the fish markets by commercial fishers fishing the inland rivers and lakes. Yellowbelly are an excellent farm dam species.

Yellowbelly grow to 75cm and 23kg. They are fantastic eating between 1 and 2 kgs.

Important Fish Care:

When you receive your fingerlings open the foam box and remove the bag, float the bag on the top of the pond water for about 10 mins or until the water inside is roughly the same temperature.

Open the bag by untying or cutting a hole in the side. Gradually mix your pond water with the bag water at a rough rate of 1 Litre per minute until the bag is full, tip the bag into your pond and the fingerlings will soon swim out into their new home.